Raising and Caring for an English Bulldog

Though English bulldogs may look tough, they can actually be surprisingly patient, affectionate, and loyal when properly bred and socialized. English bulldogs can make great family pets and enjoy spending time around humans. A family-owned show kennel in New Jersey, Ultimate Bulldogs breeds quality English bulldogs for adoption and show. Ultimate Bulldogs owner George Lai is dedicated to breeding healthy bulldogs that will serve as loyal, friendly companions.

English bulldogs are not very tall and normally grow to about 16 inches at the shoulder. Affectionately nicknamed “bullys,” English bulldogs are gentle, caring, and courageous. Due to their patience, bullys make great companions for children; however, it is still advised that they be supervised around kids, as should any dog. Bullys require human attention, and it can be difficult for them to be left outside or left alone for long periods of time. As puppies, it is important to socialize them to ensure that they will be used to others. Breeders typically begin the socialization process, but it is then up to the new owner to continue it. While English bulldogs have good temperaments, they can also be stubborn, making them somewhat difficult to train.

English bulldogs are relatively low-maintenance dogs. Their short fur is easy to maintain, and they do not require much exercise since they are not built to run or walk for long distances. There are also several health concerns regarding English bulldogs as they are sensitive to extreme temperatures, could have breathing difficulties, and can become overweight. While these do need to be taken into consideration, buying a puppy from a reputable breeder can lessen the health risks since breeders screen for hereditary diseases and carefully breed their bullys to be as healthy as possible.


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