English Bulldogs Standards

Ultimate Bulldogs is a Virgina, breeder of champion English bulldogs. To date, Ultimate Bulldogs has produced more than 20 American Kennel Club (AKC) champion dogs. Based on his success in breeding champions, owner George Lai is a member of The Bulldog Club of America’s Hall of Fame.

According to the AKC, the ideal bulldog is a medium-sized animal with a fine, short coat. Bulldogs are thickly set animals with a low center of gravity; broad shoulders; and a large, short-faced head. Beyond the initial physical appearance, a bulldog should emanate qualities of kindness and courage; bulldogs can also be described as calm and dignified.

Most mature male dogs grow up to weigh about 50 pounds, while females top out around 40 pounds. Symmetry is important when seeking a bulldog, particularly when it comes to the eyes, muzzle, and other aspects of the face. However, the AKC states that female bulldogs do not perfectly fit the breed standard as often as males, and allowances should be made accordingly.